The Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Making A Big Comeback In 2018 The Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Making A Big Comeback In 2018 – NewOldShades

The Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Making A Big Comeback In 2018


The recent and most influential fashion weeks of the world; Milan, Paris, London and New York, has made it vivid this year that the upcoming fashion scene would be all about a fine blend of classic with modern and contemporary with the timeless. So, let’s refresh our wardrobes with all what’s retro yet chic.

Wearing vintage fashion trends in the modern style can be a tricky task for many. You must be wondering how to wear that adorable 60s or 70s styles without giving out theatrical costume look. Here we share the stunning vintage fashion trends which are must-haves in summer 2018.


Graphic Tees in Retro

Graphic Tees have always been a hottest trend which is going to prevail the summer 2018 too.  The simple, affordable yet stylish tee shirt with the vintage-inspired graphics can instantly boost up your personal style. Let them be a canvas to depict the nostalgia about 70s Disco parties or popular logos of 60s.  You can rock the beloved collection of your parents or check a vintage store nearby to get the amazing, decades old graphics styles.


High-waist Jeans

From late 50s until now the high waist jeans have been most popular trend, which has made a big come back in summer 2018. Let there be shorts, skirts or regular jeans in high waist to be your wardrobe staple, paired up with almost any kind of shirts. They can make your silhouette appear slimmer or well-shaped and if worn with wide legged pants style they can make you super-stunning.


Mixed Pattern Outfits

The vintage-inspired mixed patterned outfits have looked really dazzling on recent the runways. It’s a fashion trend which can enhance your own personal style statement with a right mix and match of various prints and bold colored patterned and maintaining a harmony between them.


Wide Framed Eye Wear

Forget the sleek and slim! Get bold with the 60s styled, oversized eyewear this season. The wide glasses can make almost every face shape look gorgeous without much effort. You can consider adding espresso and your favorite book to complete the look!



The 90s turtlenecks are back in a big way this season and you can see them almost everywhere. Although they have gone through the freshest fashion updates, the turtlenecks are recommended a wardrobe staple for all.  They are usually teamed up with skirts; mini, midi, pencil plaid and almost any type. You can also pair them gorgeously with the luxe wide legged.

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