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Can Aviator Sunglasses Fit Anyone


Who would have known that the Aviator sunglasses originally created for pilots to minimize the sun glare, would transform the fashion world? The pilot style when developed was expected to produce a lighter fit than the heavier goggles style, while protecting the eyes as much as could be expected from the sunlight. Aviators have a distinct design, a teardrop shape and metal frame. The style of the Aviators is considered to be a simple, go-to classic, referred to as the “Ray-Ban”. 

Though the general style of the aviators have remained consistent over the years, today they offer varied lens to appeal to various style needs. The dark lens of the aviators is a signature trademark, but you can choose from blue to metallic, rose gold, and the list goes on.  There are also variations to the frame itself.  For instance, Aviator wearers could sport a frame of a silver or gold finish or tortoise, etc.  With all of the options provided by different frame colors and lens shades, you can coordinate your sunglasses with your outfit, jewelry, hairstyle or skin tone to give you a reliable look that will turn every combination into a show-stopper.


 Aviators appealed to men initially, however, it is fair to say that they are now equally suited for men and women.  It is indeed one of the most popular among females, and in many ways has shaped women’s fashion in the accessory category.  The exclusive frames of aviators can enhance any business, casual, or sporty attire. Aviators are perfect for daily use.  They are the go-to classic type of accessory known to be dressed up or down, and their light frames make them an easy choice for all-day wear. No matter the occasion, Aviators are always stylish, reliable, and ideal for maximize a wardrobe.

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